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Asbestos Demolition Surveys
Asbestos Demolition Surveys
Asbestos Demolition Surveys

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What is a Demolition Asbestos Survey


Damage is always caused accessing the buildings’ structure.

Sample Pictures

Sample sheets with pictures of all positive & negative samples.


Location drawings listing all positive & negative samples.

Material Risk Assessments

Includes risk assesments of all positive samples.

Removal Recommendations

All ACM’s will need to be removed prior demolition.

Asbestos Register & Priority Assessments N/A

Neither are required on this type of survey.

A demolition asbestos survey is a fully intrusive survey undertaken prior the demolition of a building. This type of survey is often mis-characterised as a refurbishment/demolition survey. Although both types of survey are categorised as full access surveys, refurbishment surveys are scope based which means there can be cut off points / limitations.

Demolition surveys should cover the entire building so far as reasonably practicable prior demolition and not be limited by scope.

Demolition surveys are extremely destructive by nature so before commissioning this type of survey is recommended that you be absolutely sure the building is coming down first.

Demolition surveys do not need to undertake priority risk assessments and will not contain an asbestos register.

This type of survey is suitable to base a management strategy on so long as an asbestos register & plan is created taking into account ACMs left in situ & removed to fulfil regulation 4 (Duty to Manage) of the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012.

Demolition asbestos surveys should only be conducted in unoccupied areas.

Where Do Demolition Surveys Apply?

Prior demolition works to any building constructed before 1999.

Schools contain asbestos
Homeowners are oblivious
Homes contain asbestos
Homeowners couldn’t identify asbestos

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