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Asbestos Management Surveys
Asbestos Management Surveys
Asbestos Management Surveys
Asbestos Management Surveys
Asbestos Management Surveys

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What is a Management Asbestos Survey


Some samples required for laboratory analysis.

Sample Pictures

Sample sheets with pictures of all positive & negative samples.


Location drawings listing all positive & negative samples.

Material Risk Assessments

Includes risk assesments of all positive samples.

Priority Risk Assessments

Includes priority risk assesments of all positive samples.

Asbestos Register

Includes an asbestos register of all samples.

A management survey is a baseline survey & will cover the entire building & may require some minor intrusive works depending on the type of building. This survey should be robust enough to suffice general maintenance tasks during normal occupancy.

This type of survey is unsuitable for major refurbishment works.

It is not uncommon with larger more complex buildings to have a management survey in place backed up by several refurbishment surveys prior building upgrades or just basic sampling. The findings from additional surveys or sampling need to be added to the building’s Asbestos Management Plan & Asbestos Register. It is important to note that a Management Survey does not constitute an Asbestos Management Plan, these are two separate documents with the Management Survey being a one-off survey, accurate at the time of the survey and the Management Plan being a ‘live’, updatable document evolving in line with any additional or updated surveys during the lifetime of the building.

Our management surveys come with asbestos registers & it is the buildings asbestos register that is considered the live part of the document and must be updated and managed accordingly.

Asbestos management survey findings will assess the condition of the asbestos & offer recommendations that need to be actioned within a timeframe. Assuming your asbestos is in good condition the recommendation will be to manage the material. This means the material will need to be formally assessed (normally annually) for deterioration. The industry’s answer to this is generally by way of undertaking re-inspection asbestos surveys.

Where Do Management Surveys Apply?
  • Commercial / Office Buildings
  • Industrial Buildings
  • Warehouses
  • Farm Buildings
  • Home Owners / Prospective Buyers
  • Communal Areas for Residential / Commercial Properties
Schools contain asbestos
Homeowners are oblivious
Homes contain asbestos
Homeowners couldn’t identify asbestos

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